Family Place Library

The West Bloomfield Township Public Library has been designated as Family Place Library. What is a Family Place Library? The Family Place Libraries ™ initiative is a national model for transforming public libraries into welcoming, developmentally appropriate early learning environments for very young children, their parents and caregivers. Based on research on early brain development, the Family Place Library supports the essential role of parents as first teachers and addresses the physical, social, emotional and cognitive aspects of child development to help build a foundation for learning during the critical first years of life. By partnering and working with other social, health and educational services providers, the Family Place Libraries model aims to ensure that all children enter school ready and able to learn and it positions libraries as key early childhood and family support organizations within the local communities.

What are the core components of a Family Place Library? A Family Place library offers:
  • A specially designed welcoming space for families with very young children to explore, play and share books together.
  • Parent-Child Workshops for toddlers, parents and caregivers. Fun and play-based, the program provides an environment rich with toys, books and art activities and an opportunity for families to spend time together, make friends and talk individually with a variety of resource professionals in the field of child health and development.
  • Collections of books, toys, music and multimedia materials for babies, toddlers, parents and service providers.
  • Services developed in partnership with community organizations including outreach to new and/or underserved audiences such as parents, caregivers and low-income and immigrant families.
  • Staff specially trained in child development and family support.